Happy New Year!!!

Here we are again! Yet another year has come and gone! The virus ran rampant… more people stayed home than ever in recent history… we had probably the most contested election in history… Wow! What a Year!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Now that we are through with the fireworks and the champagne, it is a fact that tax season is here again. There have been changes in the tax laws, stimulus payments that are not taxable, unemployment payments that are… it can all be very confusing. You may even be able to get the stimulus payment you should have received but didn’t. We can help you work through all that!

We have gone through all the necessary education to be up to snuff on the new IRS rules and numbers. Again, all the numbers have changed slightly, but we’re on top of that. We are still waiting for IRS to tell us when they are going to open for business this year. Normally they open toward the end of January. They usually start processing the big refund returns, the ones with earned income credit, about the last week in February. We will let you know as those dates are announced.

When we reopen for the 2021 tax season, we will be taking standard Covid-19 precautions. We will be working by appointment only. We will have plexiglass shields in place where appropriate. We will also be adhering to the policy of wearing masks to help protect both ourselves and our clients. The fact is, that although the year is over, the virus is not, We need to be very careful, in any way that we can.

We will be maintaining our usual regular hours of 10a to 6p beginning Monday, Jan 18. However, we are available before that by phone if you need to ask questions. We are not sure what this season will look like, but we are ready to get it going. Call us at 706 244-6417 for questions, Also, please call for an appointment.

Happy New Year!!!